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A Day with Val-22
Being in an arts college for almost 5 years, I’ve received uncountable old fashion comments about pursuing arts.

“What are you going to do with art?”
“Art can’t give you financial stability.”
“Its very difficult to find a job.”
“Art is a waste of time.”

I personally do not agree with any of the above.  Art is everywhere and art lightens the “oh so serious” world. Art requires creativity and creativity has been the spark for many inventions that we possess daily. Art is part of life. A friend of mine who has been in the arts industry for quite a period once told me, “If you do what you like, money will come to you.” This sentence has been my motivation since then and I very much agree and had experience it. It is also why I have made a decision to pursue degree in fine arts after having a diploma in design and communication. I love design but I too realized that I love drawing more than anything else.
Well I guess the hardest part wasn’t to convince yourself but to the people around you and also to filter the negative comments about what you are passionate in. They say you do not have to convince the world, convince only yourself but I’d say living in Singapore, not many parents would agree to send their child to pursue in arts. Different people are good at different aspects. Though its cliché to say this but I believe if you stay true to what you love and work hard enough for it, people around you have no chance to doubt.
Making the choice to pursue in arts is one of the best decisions in life that I never regret. I have never ask of anything in return but as mentioned, if you work hard enough people will not doubt and I’m lucky enough that within 1.5yrs in fine arts, I was given chance to exhibit in different galleries and also out of Singapore.

Other than waiting for opportunities to come to you, now Noise Singapore is providing a platform for young talents below age 35 to showcase their talents and works.
If you have original works of art, design, photography or music, bring it on! Submit your creations to Noise Singapore’s open categories and you could be featured in our exhibitions, concerts, print or online showcases and more! Opens all year round.
You can now submit your works to the Open Categories (Art & Design, Photography and Music) through this link – Submit artworks online a through Noise website:

TAP Exhibition at 8Q SAM - Lim Qixuan
TAP Exhibition at 8Q SAM - Derrick Fun
Having the skills and talent is one thing but it does make a difference if there is someone more experience or has a profession in this industry to guide you along.
Noise Singapore also provides Mentorship programme every year. Applicants will get a chance to receive personal mentorship from experts in the field. Interested applicants can submit your form and portfolio through Noise website:

(***Applications ends 09 Feb 2014, so grab your chance and submit now or if you haven’t have a portfolio, prepare one and submit before the dead line)
Just a peak for those who are interested in the Art and Design category. Here are the mentors that you will be meeting if you application gets chosen. ^^

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 6.09.59 PM
Not only for the Art & Design category, there is also mentorship opportunity under The Music Mentorship programme for the music talents. Remember to submit your Application before the 9th of feb 2014!

More details about Noise Singapore 2014 Call for Entries here 

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