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Hellooooooo Ladiessssss! As you can tell from the title i'm talkin' about my nails in this post. Having clean and tidy nails is a must i feel for hygiene purposes. I'm one who does not like long nails and i cut, trim and polish them with a clear layer every once a week. Once in a while, i do not just wanna have clean and tidy nails, i want pretty nails. However i'm just too lazy to do it myself and also normal nail polish chips easily and i often find it no point to spent so much time for it to chip off only in the next two days -__-'''
While CNY and valentines day are just around the corner, i'm sure many ladies out there like me wants to have pretty nails. As mentioned it is pointless to have your nail colour chip off in just 2 days and so the only way to stop it from chipping is opting for "gellish". It is strong, durable and once you are allowed to leave the nail salon, your nails are completely dry. No troubles for clumsy and messy ones.
The first time i've ever tried "gellish" was during CNY last year and i didn't have a good experience at all, the nail salon i went to made a mess of the design i wanted and when i ask if they could re-do, they said yes but later on proceed to charge me double!!! Since then i didn't want to do my nails ever in a nail salon. But............................................................
I was recently introduced to MY Nails and thought maybe i should give nail salons a try again~
Well, i must say it was worth the try.
IMG_9541 copy
Such pretty and well done job by the manicurist! And my feet probably have the best days of their lives that day! Not only did they cut my cuticles, but massage, scrub and exfoliate them. I've never had someone to do that for me in my life and it sure does feel good :D
very cosy interior with spacious chair and a pretty light. I was staring at the reflections created by the lights through the session.
ew~~ just look at the amount of dead skin ;?
my mani/pedicurist Anni and Ivy! Super focus at work~
I'll be heading down for another session with MY Nails before CNY and i heard that their slots are filling up real fast! So~ you might wanna call and book a slot with MY Nails soon :)

MY Nails has 2 outlets
MY Nails @ Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #04-88 S(228213), T:6278 2639

MY Nails @ Orchard Plaza
150 Orchard Road, #01-65/66 S(238841), T:6278 7753

You can also check them out on their website or facebook

THNAK YOU MY Nails once again for such pretty nails ^^

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