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As 2013 comes to an end, it has left me with many new and awesome experiences. I was lucky to travel to places i've never been and by far the most countries and number of travels i had in a year. Here's one to share~ lots and lots of photossss
I guess this is the best ever one could ask for as being part of Gushcloud. 
A sponsored trip to Boracay, i'm someone who loves the beach and all sorts of sea sports. When i got to know of this trip, i was bursting with excitement for many days! I cannot wait to meet the sea~~~
On board Tigerair! All ready to go!!!!
we took a flight approx 4 hrs and then land transfer for another 2hrs. We were scheduled to arrive about  6/7pm at the ferry terminal. Sunset at Boracay is rather early, when i fell asleep on the mini bus and woke up, i got a shock, i thought we are lost or being kidnapped! It was pitch dark as though it is already 9pm in Singapore but apparently it is only 6pm over there.
IMG_7665 copy
After 2hrs of land transfer, we arrived at the ferry terminal. After which we took a 30 minutes ferry ride, following by a 15 mins land transfer to our hotel. The traveling part is pretty long i must say but it is all worth!
When we finally arrived at the hotel i was dead shaggggg but still manage to capture the pretty and clean hotel room, (The District).
PicMonkey CollageA
You've gotta love the toilet, very clean and mirrors everywhere~
PicMonkey CollageFF copy
They even provide snacks for each of us with our names written on, so sweet~

The entire Gushcloud headed out for dinner at this restaurant called HENANN. Food there was so gooooood, everything tasted good, i swear! I've never tasted fried rice that yummy, not to mention szes just can't stop eating!
PicMonkey CollageVWDQ
The babes for companion through the trip :)
Right after dinner we went for some cheap and good massage and that's Day 1, ended pretty fast.

( i wish i had snapped a proper picture of the lovely fishtail braid miss szes did for me, my hair over here is too black, it just looks like a lump)
waking up during resort holidays certainly makes me feel very very cheerful! People who knows me, knows very well i am nothing of a morning person. Anything before 2pm is considered early to me. But resort holidays are the only times that i'll wake up early for breakfast :)
Joanna and i muching happily
The district is one awesome hotel that stands out among all, it is located right in front of the beach and you'll definitely not, not see it while walking along the beach. D*mall (shopping area, which look a bit like JJ market in bkk) is just 5 mins walk from The District. Highly recommend this hotel.(Apart from being sponsored, i truly feel that The District is an excellent hotel with very good service)
(above)The view right outside the hotel's doorstep! Look at the waterssssssss :D
(below) Hotel interior, poolside
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at AM 01.33.57
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at AM 01.34.17
Hotel's exterior~
Photo time! All tummy's filled, ready for our snorkeling trip!
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at PM 10.00.28
Jumpshot of the bloggers!
look how clear the waters are! I'd say crystal CLEAR!
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at PM 10.00.55
There were too many of us thus we splint into two grps, can u spot me??
girlsssss~ this is what we do 3/4 of the time on the boat, spamming photos and sunblock
We stopped in the middle of idk where for some snorkel time! I'm pretty scared of fishes but i love sea activities (its the same as, watching ghost movies. You know you'll scare the shit out of yourself after the movie but still went ahead watching)
After snorkeling, we stopped by PUKA beach for lunch and some chill time by the beach
Say hi to Freda~ I'd like to call her mama poh. She takes care of everyone :)
来来! Camera for sale ~
mama poh's new hobby, chasing the flies. Food by the beach was sumptuous, everything was extra huge, BIG PRAWNS, PIG ROASTED PIG, BIG FISH, BIG SAUSAGES, BIG MANGOES, BIG COCONUT, BIG WATERMELON, BIG TUB OF RICE..........only cons about it is the crazy swarm of irritating houseflies!!
Defeated by the houseflies, you flies are really un-defeatable!
from afar, i thought it says "concert room" ;?IMG_7756
with Jeneen (pinkflare's owner), worked with her once, she is ever so calm. I give her the name "lady calm". While all of us were supper excited and started sounding like market, she just sits there and smile. While all of us are busy spamming sunblock and wrapping ourselves up with towels like dumplings, she uses the towel as a shrug and sat there elegantly silent with her sunnies on, calm as ever~~~
(below) thank you fiona (smittenpixels) for this beautiful photo < 3
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at AM 01.35.11IMG_2760
after the snorkeling trip, most of us were tired. Went back to the hotel to wash up for dinner. Sunset oh sunset, from our hotels's view.
While the entire GC team made their way to the D'tallipapa wet market, three of us were being left behind :'(
 For a moment nobody noticed our presence. Well, but its quality time for the roomies. These two lovely ladies shared the same space with me for the trip ;)
(szes, middle and nicole, left.)
While nicole is the youngest among us, i see her as a little sister. Idk why but she seems like a "cheryl" to me than a "nicole". She have given me the permission to call her cheryl for the entire trip.
we had dinner by the beach, ambience was really romantic < 3
After dinner, we went strolling around D*mall and stop by the mini ferries wheel for a ride.  
Cheap Thrill !!!
it was a few good hours with the roomies :)
As usual, ended the night with massage~~

This day i must say is the most exciting of all!!!!! On the first day when asked who wants to sign up for cliff jumping, i immediately said yes! I was damn excited and ready to do it! But the day before i kind of chicken out and other than that, i know if i do cliff jumping, i'd probably not get a chance to do other activities like ATV, HELMET DIVING and PARASAILING. Thus i decided to pull out from cliff jumping to accomplish more activities, as cliff jumping takes up the whole day. We will only be back in the evening around 5pm and as mentioned above, sunset at Boracay is rather early and other activities won't function after sunset.
efwqewf copy
While having breakfast, i was told that if i were to pull out from the cliff jumping trip, i have to pay half of the entire trip fee as cancellation fee. Why do i have to pay half the fees for nothing? After much contemplation, i decided to JUST DO IT!!!
And here it goes~  The form that we have to sign is bad enough to scare me!!!
IMG_2816 copy
it was high tide and the waters were so high, by the time we reached the boat, half of our body is already wet~~
Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 12.26.30
Excitement plus the kind of uncertainness throughout the boat ride to Ariel's point. 
My heart was beating like mad! 
In the end only 6 of us had the courage to go, 
Juliette, Hellvan, Sheena, Xeun, Fiona and myself.
Juliette from Tigerair joined us!
IMG_7812Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 12.26.13IMG_7814Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 12.36.41
OMG just looking at that makes my heart skipped a beat!
Screen shot 2014-01-04 at AM 01.36.06IMG_3313IMG_7818
Food was provided for lunch and it is really yummy~
my favourite of all, sweet potato coated with idk if its maple/caramel. But it is just god damn goooood!
After washing up and having our annual GC meeting, we headed out tgt for a company dinner.
Nice food and very cheerful staffs!
Too hungry to take photos of food, only snapped mine.
Portion is really big, you could share among 2/3 person.
Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 12.26.13
This is the last night of the trip. How can we not end it with massage?!?!
Went for the usual massage and Audrey, Fiona and I all decided it is way too early to end the last night in Boracay. We set out searching for  bar to chill with sheesha but ended up at a small provision shop with local freinds Audrey already made in the day. One of the guy makes bracelets and necklaces, he offered us drinks, while he crafted the designs we wanted. The night went on with girly chats and random conversations with the local friends. And in the middle of the night Fiona and I decided to sign up for Parasailing the next morning just right before we leave! Crazy huh!
Audrey is the only one from GC that made me feel so comfortable talking to, i'm really glad to have met you~

Fiona made my trip complete as she is just as adventurous as i am, we did many things tgt and it is amazing how we could just go on talking for hours~

And to my dear szessss, although you choose to abandon me during cliff jumping, 
i still love you just as much :)

With barely 2 hours of sleep, Fiona and i crawl out of bed for our last activity in Boracay. 
And sweet pie Audrey offered to also crawl out of bed to help us take photos while Fio and I parasail~
IMG_7866Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 01.53.15IMG_7872Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 01.52.51Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 03.18.24Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 03.07.56Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 03.08.14IMG_7949
mamapoh~ I know i've been pretty much a headache to you but still thank you for everything
Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 03.08.34IMG_7980
Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 03.20.48
Boracay has been wonderful < 3
Tigerair now flies to Yangon!

Yangon (literally: "End of Strife") is a former capital of Burma (Myanmar) and the capital of Yangon RegionYangon, with a population of over five million, is the country's largest city and the most important commercial centre.
With a lack of international brand saturation and an abundance of parks, lakes and gleaming pagodas, vibrant street life and friendly locals,Yangon Myanmar's largest city and former capital, is a city worth getting to know before venturing elsewhere in this wonderful country.

Though i don't really know this city, but it sure do look grand, i would definitely visit Yangon when there is a chance to! 
Screen shot 2014-01-06 at AM 03.24.28

Once again thank you GC for the trip :)
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