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Well hello! HAPPY CNY  to all who celebrates it! 
Its day 6 of CNY and most of us would already have collected a sum of red packets, while its good to always save up your red packet money than to spulrge all of it. It is also okay to spent some on things that you like but can't bare to use your hard earn money to buy. I'm gonna start you guys off with non other than my no.1 sponsor, jumping around!
1. blue/green zipper check pants
check check check it out the checkssss
made of absolute material!
checkered have always been around, it never goes away~
2. red checkered pants
yes~ more checkssss, i love this piece very much, 
it looks wonderful with just a plain tee shirt.
3. red midi skirt
this piece too, is made of superb material!!!
comes in different colours, midi is the "it skirt" now in my opinion
goes simply with anything and because of its structured sturdy material, it gives an entire outfit a little more personality.  Yet comfy enough to have it on the whole day :)
These lovelies are under the preorder section. If you do not have the patience to wait for preorders, you might wanna check out their in stocks, quite an amount to choose from! For sprees updates, duration, you could like or follow them on their social media platforms.  ^_^

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