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Today marks twenty three years of being human, as usual i do not know what to feel, not exactly happy because that only means i have 1 year lesser to remain human. But at least i'm still breathing and i have people i hold dear around~

It certainly feels weird to say that i'm 23, its been weird since i've reached 21. I don't feel that i'm ready to be in this age. The way i pictured my 23 is way too off from what i am now, i have a lot more to catch up, a lot more undone. Yet i don't want to catch up, i just want to stay. 

In this situation probably "carpe diem" is probably the best description i could think of. 
Cease the day, cease the moment. But then again, what's the point of ceasing the day and moment? Cease means stop, when everything stops, there will be no birth of any living moments and i guess i could say, that will be of no difference to being dead.

oh~ self conflicting thoughts
oh~ humans
oh~ happy birthday~
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