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Hello to all out there! Valentines day is just 2 days away and i'm pretty sure some of you haven't had any plans at all. Be it married, dating or single, i feel everyone should have the rights to celebrate valentines day. You don't have to feel lousy or dejected if you weren't attached. Valentines day can be celebrated with your best buddies, family or basically anyone you that have a kind of connection. This post are some ideas and activities you enjoy together with your special friend, special lover, special anything~~ I am no expert in anything and i'm leaving the dinning part out as there is really too much food places in SG. Just a little help for those who are really lost and do not have a clue of what to do, hope it helps!
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A gift on vday is not a must i feel however, it would nice to receive something or to give someone something and put that smile on their face :) :) :)
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Over these 2 months I've been working with 
GUY LAROCHE (click here to find out more, location and promo) 
pretty closely and i really like how most of their watches comes in a couple series with the male and female model. And price range are pretty affordable (let's just face it not all of us could afford a rolex or some other high end brands) They have a vast range of watches to choose from.  I thought it might be a gift worthy for vday.
Also EXCITING NEWS!!! This freaking pretty watch with diamonds at the rim with a pearl face  will be a giveaway on my instagram this month. I'm not telling you which day I'm gonna open this giveaway, so you gotta check out my instagram @valerie_wang for contest!
Next up!! Most people have the impression that manicure and pedicure are for ladies. 
On my recent visits to nail salons, I've noticed an increasing amount of male getting their nails done. Of course most do not have any fancy finishing like us ladies but removing dead skin and keeping your nails clean and trimmed is very important. Hygiene is the word! 
There's a special promo going on at MY Nails, you could do up your nails with your bf or best friend!
Interested parties, book your appointment ASAP!! 

Orchard Plaza 6278 7753
Far East Plaza 6278 2639
I had my hair permed for the third time within 2 years, its pretty damaged but i'm loving it! I love the poof  and volume caused by the damage. People might think i'm crazy for spoiling my hair, but i'm aware of it and i guess different people have different preference. For me, volume hair comes first, nothing else matters. But for people who are sick of their damaged hair, its time to snip it off or go for some intensive treatments. Essensuals Bugis provides many kinds of hair services, so get your hair fixed before vday, you still have 2 days!
Another promotion for this vday season
 ESSENSUALS BUGIS sweet deals~IMG_6580
Okay~~~ don't judge not now! It has nothing to do with plastic surgery. I've come to know of this  through a blogger friend that this clinic does laser facials, basically using laser toning and fractional technology to treat skin problems like pigmentation, pores pimples and also removal of dead skin. She was very pleased with the results and urge me to try, so yup i went and i must say after the treatment my skin definitely feels softer.
The laser facial is suitable to all skin types. Each session takes less than 10 minutes and can be done weekly. This treatment provides a fast, affordable and fuss free approach to better complexion.
Awesome thing about this treatment don't have to remove your eye make up! 
They will help you clean off the ones on your face but leave the eye area untouched so you girls can look human even after facial.
special package going on for their opening:

2sessions for just $88!!
 ends this saturday on the 15th feb 2014

book first before its back to their original price!!!!
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I remember going for massages every time i travel overseas but why not in SG? I feel in SG we need it most! All those stress piled up during work and school, being squashed like a sardine in public transports. We deserve it really~
For people who lives in the EAST, this is might gonna be a routine for you from now on. JAJA INFINITY provides massage services till late, its really hard to find anything functioning in SG after 10pm. I'm not talking about clubs and all those night life activities.

opening hours:
mon-thur: 12pm - 11pm
fri-sat: 12pm - 2am (yes 2 am in the morning!!!!!)
sun: 12pm - 11pm 

would be nice to have a massage and go for some awesome supper after, sinful but whatever~~
Last but not least, couples that are taking their relationship to another height, planning for a wedding, here's something you might wanna consider~
I stumbled upon this website on my secondary sch friend's Facebook, its a website that writes reviews about wedding ideas. Little do i know that this article is featuring my friend! He's a videographer, specialises in wedding events.
FFK_PreWedd photography_03
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I really like the picture below, its nothing like those brightly lighted, luxurious wedding settings but it has such a creepy feeling, its beautiful. Okay maybe creep is not the right word but something along the line~ 
I interpret this picture in away that wedding isn't just about the glam and all but even in situations that is almost devastating/ rundown or worn out, two remains as one and shines despite the despair.
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FRESHFROMKENNETH is giving away a 2 hour outdoor wedding shoot and video shoot worth SGD600! To find out how to win you can read about it here.


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