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Heya ladies as you can tell from the blogpost title, I’ll be introducing BottomSlim, which many of you might have already heard of~ You might be wondering why on Earth do I need slimming?!
Do you know, slimming isn’t just about weight, it can also be about cellulites or stretch marks. Many girls face having a heavier bottom due to daily activities like prolong hours of sitting. Even being slim, without regular exercise and a healthy diet, one may have cellulite problem. Serious case of cellulite might lead to confidence issue especially when dealing with shorts or short skirts and bikinis. Exposing the lower bottom of the body becomes an unplesant experience for one.

Though I’m relatively petite and slim I do face cellulite problems too. I use to exercise a lot but in recent years I became lazy and my diet have been nothing but irregular due to my weird sleep timing. This overtime builds up and cellulites, it started showing on the surface of my tighs whenever I exert pressure on it (sitting down).

Couple months back, BottomSlim invited me to try their treatments but I wasn’t sure how they could help me because my bottom were considered slim to begin with.
·       Started off with a consultation to analyze what kind of issues I’m facing. We concluded that I have minor isssues with bulging inner and outer thighs and since that was the week before I went for my boracay trip, I wanted visible results since I’ll be in my bikini during the trip.
·       My specialist suggested some intensive treatment

Proceed on with some measurements of weight and diameter of my thighs for later comparison.
All ready to start~
I’ve broken down the treatment into 3 different stages, basically it stars off with this vacuum like machine that goes across the inner and outer thighs in a back and forth motion. Purpose is to suck the toxins to the surface of the skin (almost like the Chinese cupping method) except many times more vigorous.
I have a pretty low tolerance level so, this process actually hurts quite a bit for me but well, I manage to pull through. During the process, my skin began turning red due to the continuous suction, I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture above. But don’t get me wrong; this is a natural reaction of this treatment because this therapy is targeted to break down stubborn fats deposited at areas notoriously tough to slim down.
When both legs are finally done, the redness level is pretty high, I’ve attached a close up of how my skin actually looks like. It felt a little like burning but bearable. After which a cooling mask was applied to the entire thighs to help soothe the burning sensation and redness.

Following days after the treatment, result varies on different individuals. As for me I encounter quite a lot of surface bruises like how the Chinese cupping will have on the skin. This shows that the level of toxins is quite high, the bruising after each regular subsequent session will lessen. My bruises subsided by the 3rd day and completely disappear and went back to normal by the 6th day.  

I’ve noticed that my bulging inner and outer thighs became smaller by a little right after the treatment. And how do I know that? It is not my delusion!! My specialist measured my thighs after the treatment and gave exact numbers so that I know if there is any difference.  With all said, I would like to remind you that beauty comes with a price and consistent up keeping, same goes for this treatment, your cellulites and bottom problems will not vanish after just one treatment, this is not magic~
If you would like to have your cellulite or any bottom related problems solved, you could now try it out at a special price!!

Bottom slim has always been a main sponsor for star awards and it is no surprise that they are again sponsors for the Star Awards. To celebrate this star-studded event, BottomSlim is offering a special promotion exclusively to my readers!

For just $8, Enjoy 3 Tummy, Hip and Thighs + 3 Cellu-Rid Treatments worth $1,688!

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BottomSlim Locations:

Novena Sq 2: 10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19 Novena Square 2 Singapore 307506
City Square Mall: 180 Kitchener Road #B2-33 Singapore 208539
Jurong: Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road #01-311 Unit 3 Singapore 600134
Nex Mall: 23 Serangoon Central #03-31 Nex Mall Singapore 556083
Parkway Parade: 80 Marine Parade Road #02-67 Singapore 449269
Ngee Ann City: 391B Orchard Road #05-18 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873

For more information you can always visit BOTTOMSLIM or call 6363 2525
to make an enquiry or appointment :)

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