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While rushing for assignments just one month back, I didn't have the time to even think of food, most of the time I take away food from hawker or cook maggie noodles at home. It was the most unhealthy period of my life. I'm referring to the instant noodles, i have never consumed that much instant noodles in my life, it was almost one out of the three meals per day. But i was simply too busy, too shag to head out for a meal.
Nico and i decided to feast out on the day of my submission. I went home to hit the sack all the way till evening and went for some Jap food! I cannot express the kind of happiness to once again, have "all the time in the world" to slowly eat and chat over food
Warm soba~ i love soba i love soba i love sobaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
grilled dishes, it may look like its not a lot but at the end of the meal, it feels like its
 really a lot!!
BLOATED from food! AH~~ how bliss is that! :D
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