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Hey yo~ It has been a while since I had my first eyebrow embroidery almost 5 years back. It has faded and it’s barely there anymore. Decided it’s time I stop looking “shaggy” without my eyebrow make up. Most Asians are born with barely there brows, sparse and thin. As for myself, it is not exactly thin but extremely fine, my hairs are very fine so even if its there, it doesn’t take shape. I’m pretty sure many females and even males face this problem. In my opinion, girls do not look horrible without make up, it is due to the lack of brows that makes us look tired and pale. Brows are very important in shaping one’s outlook, having the right kind of brows would probably make you look better and enhance your features. Different face shapes and features suit different brows. I believe there is no such thing as a trend in eyebrows, one should always analyse and understand what kind of brows suit them best and not follow what everyone is doing. As such, it is important to have someone experienced enough to help you determine that.
A week before Chinese New Year, PRESTIGE eyebrow and lash specialist invited me to try out their services and I was lucky enough to have Irene Teo, the celebrity and feng shui eyebrow specialist for my first session with PRESTIGE. Irene has done uncountable times of eyebrow embroidery and also she’s the top pick for celebrities!

We started off with analyzing my face shape and using the usual eyebrow pencil to shape it to my desired length and thickness. Irene was very patient to make amendments according to my request.
After amending for 20 mins or so, we finally got it started J For those who ar concern about the pain, numbing cream is being applied before the procedure starts, so absolutely zero pain! The darker patch on the left is how it looks like before removing the excess. You won’t look like shin chan, so don’t freak out!
This is how it looks like after removing the excess, other than a little redness, it looks very natural.
Next up! Eyelash extension!! I already had a set of extensions on but the material of the lashes are pretty sturdy and hard, it gets a little uncomfortable at times. Irene suggested I try their silk lashes, it is so much softer.
Viola! Done! Very pretty and natural I must say. Its is softer so naturally it requires much delicate care as compared to the sturdy and hard ones I had before this. Eyelash extensions last 2-3 weeks depending on how delicate you are in taking care of the lashes. Definitely no rubbing! Remove your eyeliner getly with a cotton bud instead of using your fingers to rub. Do not apply mascara onto extensions. It is already pretty enough!!!!
The dark patches on my brows are results of the second touch up right on the spot. Skin varies on each different individual thus absorbency or colour too varies. For my skin/hairs, it doesn’t pick of colours that well. Same goes to my hair treatments and colouring, usually it’ll only stay after 2-3 times of the same treatment or colour. It’s nothing unexpected for me.
A special cream is given to apply onto my brows for the next 5 days after showering. It is highly advised to not have your brows come into contact with water for 3 days. I know, I know, you must be thinking how is that possible?! Its difficult but all I can say is, avoid at your best. Do not go swimming within a week.
Looking all fine without my eyeliner and drawing of my brows, because its already been done J
Here you go! This is Irene, remember to look for her and the specially trained staff in PRESTIGE, if you are considering eyebrow or eyelash treatments.
PRESTIGE eyebrow and eyelash specialist provides different packages and other treatments like eyelash perming, lips enhancement and eyebrow enhancement for men. You can check them out on facebook and their website for further details. The treatments I did are 3D nano eyebrow colouring and Korean eyelash extension. Till date I’ve went for my second session in march as I’ve mentioned my skin absorbency towards colours aren’t that strong and on average, second session of touching up is required to fix the colours. I suggest considering their packages, as it is more worth it than paying separately. With all that said, I hope this will help in solving issues of sparse brows haunting you for the longest time!

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist at Pacific Plaza Level 3
Free Consultation: 6733 3369 / 6733 3379
Specialize in Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Colouring & Korean Mink Eyelash Extension
1st in Asia to specialist in MEN POWER UP Eyebrows

say goodbye to sparse brows!!!

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