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It has come to the time of the year where grad show happens again. This is my 3rd gradshow and probably, quite surely the last. 2 diploma shows and now the final degree show. Well since it is the last, i actually really was hoping to get the chance to showcase the 2 bodies of final works i did for the latest submission. But the thing about grad show is, usually only one body of work will be chosen, one student is entitled 1 work. And we don't get to choose which to showcase, the lecturers makes the decision. I wouldn't think of anything less for any piece of work i have produced. I wouldn't be happier over any work chosen over the other. Simply because i spent equal amount of effort in every single piece and i felt that they all deserve equal chance to be chosen and showcased.
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 My ceramic pieces will be show casing tmr at the lasalle show, these paintings are not so fortunate though. I'd thought the least i could do is to showcase them here at least  :|
As a remembrance of their existence. 
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Details for the LASALLE SHOW 2014 is below! Do pop by and show some support, it means the world to all graduating students. There'll be lots to see and i sincerely, definitely, hope to see you guys. If you see me do say hello ^^
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