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I have had a photoshoot and pass by the coastal settlement so many times but have never tried their food. It was on nico's birthday I decided to bring him here.IMG_8581 copy
the happy nico :D
mushroom soup that comes with such big pieces of bread, this is considered a dish not a starter to me~
fish and chips, kind of normal
the beef and mushroom pizza, this is good! REALLY GOOD! MUST TRY!!!
Nico and i were already full at this point but we still had a pasta to go~
this pasta is so weird it actually taste good :/
It's not vegetarian though it looks like it, shredded crab meat everywhere 
i'm sorry nico but this picture is really funny
Nice restaurant, nice ambience, food is considered good and reasonable. Down side is.... if you do not have your own transport, getting here by public transport can be quite troublesome. 

Late but sincere dedication, HBD nico < 3
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