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I've been contemplating for the longest time to try out bangs with my locks. I've had bangs for almost a year while my hair was really really short couple years back. But have since then kept them long, it has reached a length that it is no longer considered fringe.
I have no regrets trying it out, i won't say its fantastic because the truth is, bangs are plain troublesome and annoying at times. Nonetheless i'm glad i tried.
Last few pictures without bangs, another reason why i wanted to have bangs is due to the lack of hair on the hair line. I have a lot of baby hair but not thick hair, at times i look like i'm balding when i tie up my hair. It has been like this since young, no product could make my hair grow. I sometimes adore those people who have the "M" hairline.
This is what i meant by, it has reached a length that no longer can be called fringe. I kept my fringe since i had my bob 3 years ago and i grew them out together with the fringe untouched so they are actually the same length. Which results in.....................SADAKO!!!
yup and so after 3 years, i finally cut a part of my hair~
I've never failed to go for some treatment when i make a trip to ESSENSUALS BUGIS. It is the only time my hair becomes less fried!
Okay so the highlight of this post is of course my BANG BANGS but also special mother's day promotion by ESSENSUALS BUGIS~

If you are tired of buying presents, why not treat your moma to a hair pampering session? 

Enjoy these special packages exclusively at Essensuals Bugis!
- Cut and treatment at $60, $80, $100 ( u.p to $180 )
- Color and treatment at $158. $178, $198 ( u.p to $250 )
- Re bonding and treatment  at $205, $255, $285 ( u.p to $350 )
(**promotion ends 31st may)

Call 6333 0039 to book your appointment before heading down~

(just incase you want to know who is my stylist, its the awesome WAYNE TANG
my trusty stylist even before i'm under sponsorship)
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