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Heya~ Tokyobay in the house again! This brand might not be a stranger to those who check out my blog often. I have collaborated once with them sometime last year (here). Tokyobay is a twenty-three-year-old independent watch and accessory brand, it was born out of a collaboration between two designers Dory and Jun Kobayashi, both from very different backgrounds.  Dory Isaacs, from the South Coast of England living in the San Francisco Bay Area and Jun Kobayashi, from Tokyo. They came together as two friends to create an East meets West inspired line of bold watches and accessories. Dory's background in fashion design and illustration, combined with Jun's experience in the Japanese accessory industry, provides a unique fusion of Japanese minimalism and 
fashion-focused sensibilities. 
I had the opportunity to once again work with Tokyobay through FWC.  Tokyobay is based in San Fransico and FWC brings their unique pieces to Singapore. FEE_9179
Style #: T621BE
A solid 44mm case using a vertical brush finish with earthy dial tones to compliment the thick Italian leather strap & wide angled stainless steel buckle. Linen topstitch adds a handcrafted feel to this rugged but sophisticated look.
Style #: T366BK
In place of the standard stainless steel case, the Specs is made from a layered optical plastic traditionally used for eyewear. The lightweight material is polished to highlight a classic tortoise shell effect and is left in its raw form in other colors to reveal a unique matte finish against a smooth Italian leather strap. To maintain accuracy and durability, the watch has been built with an inner lining of stainless steel to further secure the Japanese Miyota movement. Color hits on the modern skeleton handset and bezel give this piece a minimal but stylish touch that works as an everyday wardrobe staple.  
- Uses a battery operated Japanese Miyota quartz movement for accuracy.  
- Tested at 3 ATM 
Style #: T227TAN
After quite a few design drafts, this one finally came into stock and we were smitten. The classic full numbered dial is designed with a unique industrial brushed metal surface. This treatment creates a brushed reflective surface which extends onto the entire watch case. Luminous hour and minute hands feature alongside a slender second hand with red pointer. An Italian leather strap is further secured with a cream linen stitching and stainless steel buckle. A solid choice for the every day.

- Uses a battery operated Japanese Miyota quartz movement for accuracy.

- Tested at 3 ATM 
If you do notice, the watches I've featured are somewhat oversize on my wrist, that is because i'm a fan of big watches. I appreciate the delicacy of female watches, so fine and elegant. However I have a preference for men's products, like men's perfume, men's watches, men's shirt and the list goes on. Basically a little more masculine. For those who prefer a more sleek and delicate look, for most designs, Tokyobay have designed each for female and male. It is great if you are looking for couple watches with a clean minimal look.

To celebrate our second collaboration, FWC is giving away a watch from the SS collection to 3 lucky readers/followers of mine!!! Excited yes? 
Here's your step by step guide to winning a brand new Tokyobay watch!

1. Go to instagram
2. follow @fluffywhitecloudmedia and me @valerie_wang
3. comment on the photo I've posted on my instagram for this giveaway, 
describe why this watch is your style 
or your friend's style (if you would like to win this giveaway for that friend),
 4. tag a friend and #valgiveaway on together with your comment. 
And TAADAHH you are done!
(Contest will end this sat 10th may 2014, 00:00)
(FWC will give away 3 designs from ss collection)
(winners will be announced on instagram)

Of course i understand that giveaways are like searching for a needle in the haystack, chances are slim but no harm trying right? For those of you who are too excited to wait for giveaways results, you are entitled to a special discount of 15% when you mention my name, "valeriewang", at FWC store or their upcoming event at the public garden market 10th-11th may 2014.

FWC has their own store/cafe located at 


11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two,

#01-19, Singapore 575629
 Opening Hours:
Fluffy Day : 11.00am - 7.00pm
Tuesday: Closed for Baking 

So if you are craving for something sweet, you can head over to their store/cafe for a bite and check out the Tokyobay watches at the same time!

For more information about FWC and Tokyobay watches, you could click here

Best of luck to all for winning the Tokyobay watches!


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