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Its friday people! First advertorial of the month and i'm totally digging it! Pretty sure this month will be awesome! I hope you guys will have a spanking good month too! I have so much lined up for this space so do stay with me, no regrets i promise. Let's kick start with this sweet pre-order site that i'm so excited to have worked with. Basically the variety they carry is so much i just want all. 
I manage to find a lot of basics and apparels that i could wear daily. 
LOVEIEN19, well, from what i've understood from the owner, many people ask how what does their shop name means and how to pronounce it. At first i thought it is just some combination of someone's name. But apparently EIEN in japanese term means FOREVER and in mandarin translation of LOVEIEN19 is 爱义恩19.
1. wang tee shirt
I was scrolling through the crazy amount of visuals on their site and when i saw this tee shirt i totally went HIGH! WANG!!! It is as though it was made for me, there is no way i'm not having it :D
2. black skinny jeans
3. crop leather jacket
Both items are perfect fit for the petites! I'm a uk 4-6, it's really difficult to find something fitting or least doesn't look oversize on me, got to thank LOVEIEN19 for carrying apparels for the petites!
4. black basic crop top
5. slant skirt
It's quite difficult to go wrong with an all black outfit ;)
6. furry shoes
really comfortable except i feel that the cutting for this shoe is slightly smaller than my usual size, you might wanna order a size bigger to avoid cramp toes. But again i can't be sure, shoe is a tricky thing. It is best to get the measurements.
7. leather bag
I've received a lot of private message and e-mails asking where did i get this bag when i posted a picture with the bag on instagram couple days ago. It became one of my favourite bag since i've received it. Superb quality, very sturdy and has sufficient compartments inside to sort out everything.
LOVEIEN19 opens preorder only once in a month on the last Friday of each month and usually last a week. Which means you babes have to wait a bit if you miss the closing date of spree today. But good things are worth waiting, no? 

They do carry instocks as well. For those who would like to give your apparels a try before purchasing, you can head down to blogshop empire, #01-102 & #01-61. 

I'm pretty quite sure a lot of you is gonna cart out till your hands wobble but i could help you a little, quote my name, "" upon checking out and get $2 discount of each apparel, EACH APPAREL!!!
(*available for the month of june only)

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