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Estimated timing right now, I'm probably on my way to the hotel with the philharmonic winds/youth. It has been over 8 years since I last performed overseas, which is in Hong Kong. I am blessed enough to once again have the opportunity to perform in HK. Performing as a band/orchestra is such a magical experience, no words can really convey the emotions and feelings, perhaps only those who perform will know. An orchestra is not a stand alone affair. It is like a relationship, you have to learn to compromise, learn to listen out, learn to discipline, learn not to stray and so much more.
Although I am not a full time musician nor a good one to begin with, but playing the clarinet since i was seven has already been something i cannot live without. I do not want to be separated from this magic in life, never.

For anyone out there who happen to be in HONG KONG and reading this, you might wanna drop by for some magic by the Philharmonic Winds/Youthwinds. 
Speaking about magic, okay maybe not magic but somewhere near magic. My hairstylist, Wayne Tang from Essensuals bugis never fails to create "magic" for my hair. I'm not sure if i have mentioned  but way before i was even sponsored by Essesnsuals Bugis, Wayne has already been taking care of my hair. Promo of the month by Essensuals Bugis, the SMOOTH INFUSION TREATMENT!
241A Victoria Street
Bugis Village
Singapore 188030

(65) 6333 0039
(call for bookings/enquires)

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