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It is all about achieving flawless skin! Huge pores and dull skin are definitely a big NO to achieving that smooth and glowing skin. There are many factors why your skin is not up to your desired results and it varies across different individuals. It could be affected by your diet, environment, habits and the most common of all, make up residues and the daily cleansing products you use  on your skin. Choosing the “perfect” skin care can be really tricky. I have tried many different skin care brands, some worked well for me, some not. Be it good or bad, our hormonal balance fluctuates as we age thus, the right products now might not be the right one as time passes. Although I have sensitive skin but I’m always willing to give products a try, because if you’ll never try, you’ll never know.  
I was excited to give Nivea Face Extra Whitening Range a try because I’m currently pretty obsessed about being fair. The fairer the better!

Just to let you know, I’ve tried the whole Extra Whitening Range which has a comprehensive 8 skin care steps, except the toner, and will be sharing my experience and review of my favourites here!

Nivea Female face care only contains gentle ingredients that do not cause skin thinning. Its Extra White Range and promises fairer skin in 7 days*!  The range contains PEARLY WHITE with proven whitening efficacy which is 10 times better than Vitamin C**.

*When in use with Nivea Extra White Repair range, referred from consumer satisfaction survey by IPSOS institution, Thailand Aug 12

** In vitro study of 4-butylrescorcinol
Let’s start off with the most basic, the Nivea Extra White Pore Minimiser Mud Foam. As mentioned above, one of the factors that causes large pores and dull skin is the left over make up residue on our skin.

Did you know that most effective make up removers contains acidic ingredients that will thin your skin and enlarge pores? Some of you might be thinking, “what”?? It is effective, but its harmful, yes that’s the fact. We do also know that no matter how much make up claims that they do not clog pores, they actually do.

But we still use it everyday, same goes for the effective make up remover, similar concept here~

(Pictures below of my face consist of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, 3CE eyebrow pencil and daiso $2 blusher, no eye make up and everything else from my mother)
Though the make-up removers might enlarge our pores, Nivea is here to counter that issue!

The Nivea Extra White Pore Minimiser Mud Foam is specially formulated to target large pores, regular make-up users and acne prone skin. It also deeply cleanses the skin with gentle mud texture, which does not contain any skin thinning substances.
It is also pretty cool that the cleanser is actually in a metallic graphite shade. :D
Next up! The Nivea Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Scrub.

Many of us do not have the discipline to use any other products except the 3 basic steps, cleanse, toner and moisturizer. Ever since I read this article (here) regarding human dead skin cells, I really find the need and importance to exfoliate the skin.


Your body sheds dead skin cells on a constant basis. Look at your legs. If your skin is dry, you’ll actually see flaky skin cells that are easy brush off. Those are dead skin cells. Lotion won’t cure it. The only thing you can do is exfoliate. But before we talk about exfoliating, I’m going to share a little fact that might make you run up to the shower with an exfoliator immediately.
The percentage of the dust in your home that is actually dead skin cells is approximately 75% to 90%. O___O
Gross, right?
According to The Boston Globe, 30,000-40,000 skin cells fall off you per minute, and on average 8.8 pounds of dead skin cells fall off your body per year.

So, what can you do about it? Exfoliate regularly. Exfoliating is simply a step that helps force those dead skin cells off your body. It can easily be done in the bath or shower, or you can use a brush and dry brush your skin before the shower.DSCF4157Now do you feel like you need a scrub already? The Nivea Extra White Repair Scrub contains micro beads that gently exfoliate to cleanse away impurities, minimize appearance of acne, large pores and dark spots. If you have the time and patience, I do recommend that you get yourself a body scrub; the skin on your body deserves some attention too. :) 
The scrub is gentle on skin, it does not contain large and rough micro beads that might cause the skin to peel. I've been alternating between this Nivea scrub and the scrub my dermatologist gave me.DSCF4098Cleansing the skin is only a fraction of what it takes to achieve flawless skin. Maintaining and protecting is just as important. The Extra White Pore Minimiser Day Serum (available in Aug) repairs and nourishes the skin, reduces large pores and dark spots in just 7 days 
(*results varies in each individuals)

Apply the Day Serum before putting on any make-up, it acts something like a primer to nourish and protect your skin and allows make-up to last longer so you don’t have to touch up that often. I also do realise that Nivea products leaves a non-sticky finish, I tried putting on the Nivea day Serum after the moisturiser(which leaves a slight sticky feel) my dermatologist gave me, 
it somehow balances out the stickiness.
It has SPF 22 as well but don’t go basking in the sun and claim that the product is not doing its job.  :/ This is a day serum so it is not necessary to use it at night.
Last but not least, to end of the day after all your cleansing routine; it’s good to pamper the skin with some night cream too.

The Nivea Extra White Pore Minimiser Night Cream promises to even your skin tone & refine your pores in just 7 days (*again, results varies according to individuals) and also brightens your skin while you sleep. I have a couple of sleeping mask/cream that i use as my daily routine and this Nivea night cream just got itself a space on my list!
Nivea has also sent me this cute little waterproof pouch!
Nivea has also sent me this cute little waterproof pouch! You can get it for free!! how?!
With every $10 purchase of Visage face, you will get this Limited Edition Nivea Pouch!

Available in selected Guardian & Watsons in Sept 2014. (while stocks last!)
Before I sign off, here’s my two cents about Nivea.

Knowing that Nivea has a history of over 100 years  and is a very reputable, trustworthy brand, and an expert in face care. I feel that it being around in the market for such a time puts my mind at ease, I have no doubts when trying out their products, I do not have worry about it causing harm to my face. Not to forget that it is a very, very affordable brand, it wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket!  Nivea Whitening Pore Minimzer range is available in all major pharmacy chains like Guardian and Watsons and supermarkets. Extra White Pore Minimiser Day Serum will be available from Aug 2014.

Now, if you’re keen to try out Nivea products, here’s a chance for you to do so FREE!

10 lucky girls will stand to win a Nivea Hamper worth $120, and an exclusive Nivea pouch + 6 months digital subscription of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

"Cosmopolitan Singapore aims to provide the Singaporean woman with what she needs to live life as a fun, fearless, fabulous person. More than print and paper, Cosmopolitan is a complete lifestyle experience, engaging readers with topics on fashion, beauty, body, relationships and life." -

Here are the steps:
1.     Take a selfie of yourself and post on Instagram with your skin aspiration as your caption, ie. I want to have skin as fair as Snow White!
2.     Hashtag: #niveasg #niveaselfie #cosmosg
3.     Make sure your account is public

And you may stand a chance to win exciting prizes from Nivea!

This contest ends on 31st August 2014, and winners will be contacted by @Gushcloud_sg! Good luck!

This ends my review for the Nivea Face Extra Whitening Range.

Hope you’ve enjoyed! J
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