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你好~ I'm just back from my HK trip with the Philharmonic Winds/Youth. Made a couple of new friends, got to know some friends better. Trip was so so but the company made everything more interesting and bearable. To me HK is so much similar to SG, buildings and buildings everywhere. People and lots of people. I'd very much prefer SG, at least i get to see lots of greens, in HK it is the true concrete jungle. I felt very very constrain, cramped and .... i'm not sure just felt uncomfortable.
Other than dealing with the crazy weather over there and the very very impatient waiters and waitresses, all was good. And yup so here i am getting back to business with 2 new set of outfits ^^
1. girls have more fun netted top
I was expecting some thin flimsy net but it was sturdy and of high quality
2. neoprene stripped circle skirt
3. levine knitted top
Shopfiggy is a new baby in the industry, all three apparels sent to me didn't disappoint me in terms of quality. They have recently launched a new collection. Do pop by!

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