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Good Sunday to all~ If you are feeling bored on a sunday noon, you might wanna get changed and head down to the cathay for some MEGA SALE FLEA(scroll down to previous post for info), all my preloves going at not more than 15 SGD! But if you're feeling lazy and just wannna spent the day rolling in bed with some good reads or food yet at the same time wanna grab some retail therapy as well, here you go~~~ do it the online way with Fashmob!
1. Asymmetrical floral midi
absolute adoration for this pieceIt is not quite something I would usually put on but it is too gorgeous to not have itFitting from Fashmob as usual, perfect! No alteration needed for petites like myselfI wore size XS, its good but those who prefer a bit more breathing space is advise to get a size up.  
2. Canyon off shoulder dress
pretty teal shade
Fashmob's quality for clothes is definitely a yes for me. This is already my third collaboration with them in the spent of just 2 months, thank you Fashmob for all the pretty pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.11.46 am

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