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Hello all~ I’m really excited to share this post, I love everything from the apparels to the photography(by my very talented fio aka smittenpixles), by far the best visuals and satisfaction I got from a self styled shoot!!! I cannot even pick a favourite to begin with, they are all my favourite!

This post will definitely be a bonus to all staying in the west. All my life I stay in the East, the distance to town is already something I would only do so if I have errands to run. Last week, I travelled all the way to Jurong!! I have always thought of the West as secluded and in my impression there is nothing much there.

J.Cube has recently launched J.Avenue, a very cool hipster shopping concept. J.Avenue is located on the second level of J.Cube and what attracted me most is the price range, they are all so affordable! Everything I’ve picked cost not more than $35. The vibe at J.Avenue is very different from the usual shopping malls layout, it has included quirky and fun designs to make shopping a lot more interesting. I spent my noon shopping and have gotten myself some new apparels and I’m soooooo in love with them! I shall let the visuals do the talking. ^^
||  babydoll drawstring top . MODA ||

I’ve included the shop name in caps for all outfits just incase you wonder which shop did I got them. J
Extreme love for this top, it is so versatile and comfortable. It could be worn for a picnic, a casual date out or even a beach getaway~
FEE_5260 copy
||  British flag tote . BAGBOX  ||

A roomy bag never goes wrong
||  Floral Tassel Outerwear . BLOOM  ||

a little boho
||  Stripe shirt . BLOOM  ||
||  Green Midi Skirt . BUY AWAY  ||
||  Knitted Hat . NAMIE’S STREET  ||
||  White Knitted Cardi . BUY AWAY  ||
||  Nude Stripe Slack Pants . NAMIE’S STREET  ||

On lazy days, it is alright to dress all comfy, it is also okay to look like you’ve just gotten out of bed, I usually dress like this when the day is gloomy/rainy. Not being able to snuggle in bed with such weather is already sad, so to make myself feel better I would be in my slack pants. I have added a knitted blue hat to ensure that the whole look, looks comfy but not sloppy.
A well-spent noon picking and styling up apparels from J.Avenue, there is nothing much more I could have asked for. Although the distance might be a bit of hurdle to me, but its fortunate to have a direct express bus from my house to Jurong East. :D

Shopping at J.Avenue have not only given me a chance to experience a different shopping vibe but also made shopping so much more fun, not like it’s not already fun enough to shop!

If you stay in the East like me and do not even want to think of the time needed to travel to J.Cube, fret not! Easy taxi and J.Cube has collaborated and came up with something that in my opinion is very worth it and thoughtful, get a 50% reimbursement for your taxi fare when you alight at J.cube on weekends (11am-8pm). That is not all, with a minimum spending of $40, you can turn your 50% claim into a FULL taxi claim!  HOW AWESOME :D

Also, stand to win up to $100 vouchers when you create a J.Mix online at J.Avenue.  
All you have to do is to:

1)    Create your J.Mix entry via the desktop version
2)    Access your J.Mix entry via our mobile site with your smartphones
3)     Share your J.Mix entry on Instagram with JavenueSG and follow @JavenueSG
(Your profile must be set to public)

Contest ends 9 October 2014.

J.Avenue (here) updates weekly with new arrivals, if you want to receive info on that, you can subscibe to their enewsletter and also follow them on instagram @javanuesg for the latest updates!Do also catch my October 2014 feature on under “Trends & Feature”!

Thank you J.Cube for inviting me for a wonderful shopping experience at J.Avenue!

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