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 Once again Nico and I have the pleasure of enjoying couple watches from Team Ashtrodite, they have recently brought in a "new" brand and we have the honour to call them ours~

Haas & Cie

A Brand established in Geneva since 1848, the founding watch makers mastered complicated watch production with sophistication. Their watches gained recognition through superb craftsmanship and boasts of characteristics such as double chronographs, ultra thin watches with Swiss movements and split second chronographs.The brand has since been acquired by Korean electronics group, Samsung and are geared for expansion plans in South East Asia. Combining classic designs with fine Swiss watch production and marketed at affordable prices, Haas & Cie have repositioned themselves for mass market appeal. Prices range from $249- $329. 
Nico and I both chose the same watch face, it's clean, simple and fine. Love the engraving at the side of the watch face. To be honest, this watch wasn't love at first sight but It grew so much on me and nico, now we often wear them out together on weekends ^^
DSCF7390 copy
It is very fortunate and blessed to have someone whom i share the same passion and perspective of thoughts with, someone whom aren't afraid or embarrassed to share the same opinion. And of course would not mind at all to wear the same clothes or accessories. 
Love needs passion and passion needs time. To me keeping time is important but the irony is we cannot keep time. Oh life~

If you are interested in the models that nico and i wore, click (here & here)
Any purchase of Hass & Cie watches at Ashtrodite in the month of October 2014 is entitled to a 15% discount when you enter, "VAL15OFF".

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