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This year has been nothing but awesome! One of the great things that have happened is being able to work with many new brands that I have never thought I would be able to. Today I bring to you the creative people of Controlled Commodity!

Controlled Commodity is a new clothing label that embraces the beauty of utilitarianism and timeless style. Headquartered in Singapore with a design team based in Milan, the label was created with the pragmatic individual in mind and is committed to creating stylish, affordable and comfortable clothing for men and women.
Controlled Commodity’s centres on the idea of the perfect weekend shirt. Challenged by the idea that shirts do not have to be confined to the office, the design team set out to create comfortable, fun and versatile pieces that fit in perfectly with the uninhibited lives of the modern man and woman.
I personally love their simple, minimal look and the loose fit most.
This piece that I’m wearing is a crop cutting so it is slightly shorter than the usual shirts.
The perfect weekend shirt does not have to look sloppy or too casual, you can always switch it up by the choice of footwear. In this case I chose to go with a pair of heels for a more feminine touch.
This baseball cut shirt would be my top pick of all, love the colour combination!
If you have been with my social space for a period, you might notice that I’m very into tee shirts! They are my bread and butter! Controlled Commodity currently only have tees under the men’s section but they are working on the women’s tee, should be in stores next year.
DSCF3294 copy
I do not have a problem with it being a male or female cut. I love em all.
The founder of Controlled Commoidty (John Tan) said, “I created Controlled Commodity to take a stand against the
current culture of disposable fashion. We create chic, fun and modern pieces
that people won’t tire of wearing every day. Unlike fast fashion brands, our
designs are not tied to a specific trend or a moment in time. Controlled
Commodity celebrates individualism, not conformity. It is the wearer that
breathes life into the clothing, and not the other way round.”

I very much agree and support his idea about not being tied to a specific trend or moment. I’m not quite sure when people tells me that my style is really up to date because if you ask me about the latest trends and designs, I’d probably not know much. I seek comfort as my main priority.
DSCF3311 copy

Controlled Commodity has definitely fit my definition of
Comfort. Controlled Commodity wear is sold exclusively on their website and selected stores. For more information and purchases, links are provided below. And I have to mention that they have a “NINJA VAN” to dispatch items overnight! It is a great service if you are doing some last min Christmas shopping and have absolute zero time to shop outside. But if you do have the time you can head over to their pop up store at, One Raffles Place, #03-09 in the MARCELLA STORE.

They offer FREE SHIPPING in Singapore for all orders above $50. For orders below $50, a standard shipping fee of $4 applies. All items will be dispatched OVERNIGHT (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) via their courier service provider, Ninja Van.
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