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Good Monday everybody! Here to share this exciting project I did with Luxola two weeks back. I have never agreed to talk in front of the camera, moreover film something. Whenever i attend events, I'll hide my way through any interviews. There is no way anyone could make me talk. I find it really weird to hear myself on screen. I have no idea why I agreed to film this but I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone to try something new this year. Even on my way to Luxola's studio I was still debating with myself, "are you sure you're gonna do this?"

I made it to the studio without u-turning home anyway. We started almost right away, I could not believe that I was already in the process. It's my first time I really had no idea how to go about doing it. Lucky thing is that the Team in charge was really nice and patient with me. Well, we managed to wrap it up without any major hiccups. I would say it is still harrowing for me to talk to camera, but it was truly a new experience for me. So....if you would show some love and support for my first time, do check out the video below where I have shared tips on Travel essentials. From make up, hair styles to basic wardrobe. Oh and Thumbs up if you like it, thank you! ^^

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