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Basking in the sun is something i really love to do! But i really hate how tan I can become just within minutes. My kind of tan is never what one would desire. It is not a healthy gold tan, it is those that looks dirty. I use to go sun tanning every other day at my younger days hoping for that gorgeous tan, have given up on that and decided to be on the fair side. It wasn't easy either. I have avoided the sun, stopped swimming in the noon and basically cut down a lot of activities that involves me being in the sun directly. After a couple of years I just could not take being indoors all the time, I decided to invest on whitening pills(Hakubi) and oral sunblocks(heliocare). I cannot tell a significance difference but comparing my older photos to the present, I do see quite a bit of difference. Maintaining skin fairness requires a lot of patience and discipline. Other than oral pills, sunblock is a MUST MUST MUST! Not just the face but body as well. 

It can be quite a chore having to take 2 different types of pills everyday at different timings for the sake of whitening. I came to know of Lyco-White from IDS clinic a few months back and things just got much easier! A combination of oral sunblock and whitening, just 3 pills once a day at my convenience! I've ditched my Hakubi and Heliocare ever since I started Lyco-White and now I'm on my fourth bottle! I haven't exactly gone fairer but I love how it maintains my skin tone and prevents sun burns. I have gone for a 2 weeks beach vacation last Dec and as compared to all my previous trips, it is great to see that I'm just a tone darker from exposing myself to two weeks of scorching sun in Phuket. I would have been 3-4 tones darker if it is not for Lyco-White.

My Whitening regime now consists of Lyco-White, C+ and S2 sunblock. Discipline is the key to beauty I would say. 

(**Quick tips for home remedy whitening**)
-Apply fresh lemon juice on body after shower and leave it on for 15 mins, then shower off with water.

-Lemon juice might be a little too strong for the face. Try egg white! It is a little smelly though.
Separate egg white from yolk, apply egg white on clean face, leave to dry. Wash off with clear water.

These methods might not work for everyone, try at your own risks but it works for me.  ;)
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