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Feels great to be back on track! Chinese New Year this year seems to be particularly long for me. On top of the long weekend, somehow it just seems that there are so much more gatherings as compared to any other years. I find myself dead tired almost everyday from visitings. I ate so much snacks, I flinch when I see them now. Every other day I wake up with this great sense of guilt staring at a pile of unshot apparels and the raw unedited folders of pictures on my desktop. It is amazing how just one week of rest could mess up my work schedule, my brain and unleash the laziness in me. This is the only set of pictures I was able to sit down and edit for hours ever since CNY celebrations started. I blame it on the high in the sugar.  :/
Here's a series featuring 3 outfits from Rackspaceproject, they are a spree site and sprees have closed for the month of Febuary, they are resuming in March. For exact dates you have to check them on FB or on site.
1. Mandarin collar baby doll dress
simply love loose fit clothings
2. Killin' it tee
Right now I just want to kill all the fats that have formed with all those CNY snaking!
3. Hoodie oh Hoodie
This is a really really loose fit hoodie, it's not even normal baggy~
I like it though.
So well here you have it the first style post which I have a super hard time getting my ass sited in front of the desktop for hours ever since CNY. I hope you like the visuals and I promise much more to come, travel posts too!
I'm not quite sure when is Rackspaceproject opening their next Spree, you've just got to watch their Facebook/ website. Links are provided below! 

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