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Is it strange to feel home on a foreign land? 
Is it strange that the heart feels at ease when on the run. 
Is it strange that the non-reality became the reality. 

I've always loved travelling and why would't anyone? Last year was a year that was filled with trips and adventures that have been deeply engraved into my heart. It became my escape from the reality of the not so genuine people that I have to deal with sometimes. I felt completely peaceful and my soul felt so rich and full. When I wake up in the morning, as tired travelling could be, I had the energy to crawl out of bed. I see everything in a positive vibe, when shit happens, I faced it with calmness and think of the possible alternatives. I try my best not blame anyone or the situation. Nothing could stop the journey!

It is strange how I am still not able to carry this kind of energy when back home. It has become normal for me to travel and abnormal for me to not travel. 
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