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Few months back in November I had the opportunity to be in Chiang Mai to experience Loy Krathong Festival, a Festival whereby the Thai people release lanterns into the sky and Krathongs into the river to say goodbye to whatever that is considered bad luck or events that is not in their favour for the year.
There are two things that the Thais practice for this festival, releasing a Krathong into a river and releasing a lantern into the sky. Both symbolize letting go of the bad and unhappy.
Krathongs are almost like a “flower basket”, it decorated with flowers, leaves and a candle. You can buy them at markets or along the streets during the festive season. Some people would prefer to make their own Krathongs. I had the privilege to reside in Nalin’s (My Thai friend in Chiang Mai) Colonial house, which was located near the river and the market.
Nalin brought me to the Flower Market near her place and we bought a whole bunch of pretty flowers/leaves to create our own Krathongs. It is not difficult to make a Krathong but patience is definitely required. I find it rather therapeutic.We spent the entire noon in Nalin’s yard, grooving to some Jazz music and chatting, at the same time creating our own Krathong. It was such a great experience for me! We went to the River to release the Krathongs in the evening. Nalin’s Krathong floated away gracefully and mine…SANK! It was hilarious but I’d like to think of it in a positive way! My bad luck and unhappiness sank into the riverbed and it will never surface ever again! That’s kind of good too!
Loy Krathong is a popular and huge thing for the Thai’s! The entire place was packed with so many people, tourists as well! If you’d like to visit Chiang Mai, I feel that during Loy Krathong Festival is a great period.
I am fortunate enough to experience Chiang Mai in two different perspectives, as a tourist and a local. For the first few days I was host by my local friends in Chiang Mai, staying in her beautiful colonial house, trying local delicacies, visiting markets and chilling at their hipster hangout area!
I spent my last 3 days in one of their Best Resort in Chiang Mai for 2 splendid nights! The Four Seasons Resort is a well-known name internationally and indeed, it did live up to my expectation, in fact beyond!
I did not expect so much common space and facilities and not to mention a luscious paddy field smacked right in the middle of the resort! We were allowed to roam around the field. One of their most popular activities in the resort is the paddy field planting session where we get to learn about the plantation and actually plat them on our own! With guidance of course!
I spent the rest of my noon lazing by the poolside, feeling a little bitter that I am not able to go for a dip, thanks to the annoying female hormones that have to act up at the most inappropriate timing.
The view by the pool was spectacular, overlooking the mountains!
To make myself feel less bitter, I went back to my resort for a hot dip in my very own bathtub surrounded by the greens! Ended the day with dinner out of the resort with my local friends. But if you prefer having dinner within the resort and spent the entire day fully immersing in the environment, Four seasons has two restaurants in it’s premise.
I absolutely love how I am able to spend the day reading magazines or watching art documentaries without the constant guilt of not doing anything. Well, this is only possible when I am not in Singapore. Thus, I am very grateful for every opportunity out of town.

Before bidding Chiang Mai goodbye, I had a really hearty breakfast at the resort. Food selections were wide enough to satisfy my cravings!
Took a final walk around the resort before checking out. It was my first time in Chiang Mai and definitely not my last. It surprised me, beyond what I have expected or heard about the country. A big fat thank you to the team at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai for making my stay so wonderful!
Expedia had made this whole trip possible, heartfelt thanks for taking care of both my flights and accommodation. Not forgetting my wonderful friends for hosting both Nich and I.

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Till then, love!
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