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It's been almost a year I went on a beach vacation and I'm itching for one as I'm writing this. But before I plan or proceed with another trip. I'd like to share with you a resort company that I never fail to stay with when I'm in Bali. If you have been following with me for the past two years, the name LIFESTYLE RETREATS might not be foreign to you. I have posted some images on Instagram during my stay with them in 2014 and 2015. There are a total of 5 resorts under them, The Bale, The Amala, The Menjangan, Ize Seminyak, The Santai and The Samata which will be opening soon in coming March 2016!

I have stayed in 3 out of the 5 existing resorts and to name my favourite, it'll be the Santai(images above)! Simply gorgeous and suitable for double dates or big families. Their smallest unit consists of two bedrooms, two living rooms, two bath area with a combine pool. My favourite part of all will be it's semi outdoor bathroom, absolutely Instagramable!
The bale is another resort that I stayed in during my 2015 Bali trip. It has a different vibe from the Santai. In my opinion, The Bale's design is much more private and personal. It is perfect for couples. Very romantic atmosphere especially in the night. Either way both resort holds it's own distinct style, it is very much up to your own preference. Both have a private pool in it's own compound which plays a very important part when I'm picking my stay while on a beach vacation. It adds on to the summer vibe!

I'm craving so badly for a beach vacation! Hopefully soon but I'm grounding myself from travelling until I'm done with UNDA's next collection! More updates soon!

For more info and visuals on lifestyle retreats (click)
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