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I have always believed that every individual is unique. We may have different beliefs and perceive things differently, at times we may agree or disagree but that does not have to turn into a judgement of right or wrong. Only from others we learn to compromise, thanks for teaching me patience.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a sudden outpour of hates on my Instagram. I have been silent but that does not equate to agreeing. The decision to not engage is simply logical. The senselessness and viciousness in this series of comments on my Instagram is to destroy peace and create chaos. It did not portray a perspective from an unbiased point of view. The accusations made were incoherent and spells hatred. The attempt to wreck my space did not appease the hateful souls. Provocative strategies are used to involve all possible individuals to spark further destruction.

Being in this industry for quite a while, I have never encountered hate and I have always been grateful for such peace.  Although this path was not a planned one but I have never regretted it. I have learnt a lot from working with the various company/people. They gave me insights to the industry and shared knowledge that are not available on wikipedia or youtube.

These platforms are my oasis; a home I've created and shared with likeminded folks who appreciate my work. I see this as a canvas to continue with my creative work. It may not be a painting or a piece of drawing but the idea is the same, to create aesthetics. My works may not appeal to all and that is fine because again, it boils down to personal perspective and preference.

For someone to barge into your home and demand that you change your ways and even lay down instructions as to how you should lead your life or portray yourself, simply because it wasn't to their liking is nothing but insanity.

Our perspective might differ, I respect that and allowed the comments of hatred to remain but this is as far as it will go. I understand that nothing said would be appeased but there is simply no point for further arguments.

However damaging and hurtful words may be, my conscious is clear. I have maintained a professional work ethic. I'm grateful for this life I lead and truly appreciate the support thus far.

Thank you for those who have sent message of concern and encouragement, in/out of the industry. < 3

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