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Spending Sunday at the Flower Market at Columbia Road and Bricklane Market, which is only a couple mins of walk from the flower market is so much joy and fun! I remember reaching the flower market and was overwhelmed by the amount of people that were there. It was so crowded and lively! Making my way down the stretch was surprisingly pleasant, despite the crowd, no one was pushing and everyone was pretty polite!

If you have read my little caption on Instagram, bare with me that I'll be repeating the story here. My photog was slotting himself behind a stall where I decide to purchase peonies and was sneaking a few shots, not wanting to attract any unnecessary attention. The man that sold me flowers noticed him, took him as a stalker. He immediately voiced out and ask if I knew him and inform me that he is taking photos of me. I mean, most people would have ignored but he bothered and cared for me who is literally a stranger. 

Little actions like this makes London a really warm and memorable place for me that I really want to go back soon! After visiting the market decked in the loveliest upcoming netted floral skirt by none other than Fashmob, I popped by Bricklane for some food and drinks, vintage shopping too. Its nice~

Bye for now while I prepare the next post ;)

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