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London oh London, a city I never thought I'd fall so deeply for. If you follow me on Snapchat @valerie-wang you would have known that I'm travelling for quite a bit, London is my first stop for my month long trip. To be honest, I've never quite enjoyed holidays in Cities, well except for Shopping ;) And I'm really surprise how I've enjoyed London. It is a city that is always in a rush, buzzling with energy, so diverse and simply alive! I've also met random people on trains and streets where we immediately sparked a conversation, I never had any experience of that anywhere I've been to, not even at home. 

Everyday in London seems fulfilling, for some strange reasons, even routines like getting up and sitting in front of the computer for hours to clear out my mails feels wonderful. Of course the beautiful apartment that I rented does play a part I guess. I really would not mind living in London for a tad bit more~ 

Happy Friday peeps! More updates soon! Ciao! 
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