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Well well~ It's weekend again, hope all's good for you guys! What should I do? If that's a question in your head, allow me to suggest! There's actually a lot to do in Singapore but sometimes we are just lazy and do not wish to go the extra mile for something we are unfamiliar with. This week, I got myself to watch a play at the National Gallery Singapore recently, it is something I truly enjoy and I wonder why have I not watch a play in such a long time. 

Every weekend we rant that there's nothing to do but we could have just booked a ticket for any plays , musicals, movies or maybe just hop onto the car and drive around! It's not just about doing things, it's about spending your time in quality. To me plays and musicals are very educational, it adds knowledge and sometimes gets me thinking.

However, if plays and musicals aren't your cup of tea, I'm pretty sure shopping is! Regular retail stores are wonderful, but if you're looking for something interesting, you might wanna head down to #OWNPEOPLE Flea happening at Suntec City North Atrium for some whooping great sale of pre-loves and brand new items at SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICE! I've got my pre-loves stocked over as well, 11th Sept is the last day and sales ends at 6pm! That's for my weekend recommendations, hope it's useful :D

Before I go off allow me to say, "I LOVE MY MM6 PULLOVER!"Those patch work and colour combination are perfect!
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