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Its been a month I'm back from my month long trip in Europe, still feels surreal that all had happened in a blink of an eye. I have been working on @storeunda studio and upcoming designs since I came back. I know it has been so long that I've mentioned about UNDA's new collection, truth to be told, it has been done up quite a while ago but the reason why I have decided to hold it is because I constantly have new ideas to improve on the current designs. There are so many prototypes lying around my studio, I have and I think I'm pretty ready with the latest. I'm getting it ready to launch but then recently I found some really gorgeous colour of the same type of leather thus, I guess I'm gonna delay it just a little more. 

Some people told me that my attitude towards achieving "perfection", is not a good thing because then it seems like I'll never get to launch it but to me, selling something that I personally would be proud of and have put in my 100% is important. Regardless the outcome of sales, I would like to be able to tell myself that I did a good job.
I hope that my designs will bring out the best of an outfit, to be able to fit into different looks. For those of you who appreciates leather and understands the work and time spent behind improving a product, you'd probably feel me and know why it takes me so long just to launch a few designs. 

That's all for today! Good week ahead!

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